Sunday, January 31, 2010


I have never been an 'op-shopper'. I hate the smell, I hate that I wonder where the items originated from and where they have travelled, but after spending the morning scrutinizing ebay I decided to brave the smells and head to the local op-shop... hand sanitizer in tow.

Of late I have been inspired by one certain individual - who I will not name. She is beautiful and different, her fashion is a combination of old and new, her clothes clash, her hair is messy, she is tattooed and smokes.. but i love it. She has a unique kind of beauty, not someone your average Joe would find attractive, but she really inspired me to try something different.

I am not sure what came over me but my first stop in the shop was the dress section, for once patterns jumped at me, images were created in my mind.. had i finally opened my mind to the province of op-shopping? I even called in to a close friends on my way home to see if there was something wrong with what i picked out, i am proud to say - i am genuinely happy with my items.

enjoy the snaps kids xo

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