Monday, March 1, 2010


and just that, in the words of billy madison, back to school I go. After completing my undergrad studies last year (and especially the ordeal I went through to actually pass.. - going in to that would be a complete over-share), i have surprised myself by going back again for post grad. i guess part of me never wants to stop studying - its such a good life style! i can be how ever picky i want with hours at work, i can easily 'wag' and spend a day shopping, catching up with friends, or watching movies, and i can live at home with my parents board-free! its ze best just quietly. although, this year i feel is going to be a bit different, the course i am doing is 'fast paced'... so be prepared for numerous up-coming posts about me whining about the workload and so forth.
Weekend just gone was completely amazing, i have photos, but am too lazy to put them up just yet.. i will keep you in suspense ;)

till then xo

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