Wednesday, April 21, 2010


dress - witchery
shoes - zu
cloak - compliments of Harry Potter
nails - Sportsgirl 'Concrete Jungle' LOVE.

Who would of thought, I actually finished.. yay! well, for this degree anyway, one more year of my post-grad and I am done, done, done.
Had grad on Tuesday and whilst dressing up like Harry Potter is extremely fun, those cloaks are so hot and heavy and the silly man gave me a hat that was too big, plus the daunting thoughts of "I hope I don't trip on the stage". I guess thats the excitement of it all.
Thanks again to MDJPhotography for capturing this wondeful moment. I was a little disappointed that as a group we didn't get the opportunity to throw out mortar boards in to the air, so, I did it anyway.
I went with a 'timeless' Witchery dress that I picked up on sale about a year ago (wow..gone fast). I hadn't actually worn it yet but knew it would come in handy when I needed something simple, yet kind of elegant. I absolutely love these shoes too, as they give everything that little bit of edge.. they were a beautiful Christmas present, gosh I am lucky.
All-in-all, super fun day, and YAY I get to do it again.
Very happy Thursdays lovelies - why? because its the day before friday and then a LONG WEEKEND! bless the Anzacs xxx

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  1. Congratulations lady!! Love the Harry Potter cloak. ♥