Monday, April 19, 2010


As promised here are some piccies of our jelly fish! obviously not of me, but this gorgeous girl is way more photogenic (I hope you don't mind these being up here Snowey xo). Sorry about the quality of the last two, I was a little redundant about taking out my camera (please refer to a few posts back).. but you get the drift!
It was a fantastic night, but the most fun was actually putting the Jellies together. We bought umbrellas, streamers, and glow sticks all from 'Cheap as Chips', and made the costume for just $12 (bargain!). The little jellies even made it in to town with us after, but they are a little worse for wear now.

Happy Mondays xxx

p.s Vintage Cape still up for grabs... will resort to ebay soon, after this C R A Z Y week xo

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