Monday, April 12, 2010


Top - Sportsgirl
Pants - Country Road
Shoes - Tony Bianco
Clutch - Acoustic Stomach
Necklace - Diva

After an emotionally charged week I decided to treat myself to some new pant-a-loons (pants). As soon as I tried these on they had to be mine, comfort factor and coolness factor is 100+ ;) They are also SO easy to team with near everything, I found it hard to narrow one top down but in the end settled for a casual basic tee for the relaxed looked. Stay tuned though, I will, no doubt, be wearing these pants A LOT.
So another week ahead, I have tickets to Stereophonics for tomorrow night, cannot wait for that.. also have a dress up party this saturday. The theme is "Under the Sea" - any ideas friends? My girlfriend and I want a pretty versatile outfit so we can make the swift change to head to the city after (with out looking like sea merchants).. no doubt it will be a large evening, also have another birthday sunday, uh ohh.. going to be a boozey weekend.. but first, must get past the whole work-and-homework thing. bahh.
hope everyone had super weekends xxx


  1. Get a belt, fill some stockings with newspaper, paint them green, tie them onto the belt = octopus. remove belt, set for partying in the city :)

    p.s. i love all your clothes. i want them. all. and in most cases head to sportsgirl and often buy them all haha!!

  2. LOVE the idea - thats the best I have heard.. other suggestions have been a little full on and just stink of effort. I'll make sure i post photos ;)

    Ah I have a little obsession with Sportsgirl - its dangerous! I never walk out of there empty handed.. oops.

    Thanks for your comment lovely xxx

  3. THAT ^^^ Is a GOOD idea!! You could even put green and silver glitter on them to make them sparkle. Love the pants, I need more fancy pants that can be dressed up or down. CR and Witchery are such easy places for these things. ♥

  4. oooh glitter! you girls are on a roll.. loving it xo

    Absolutely LOVING CR and Witchery at the moment Mez.. (possibly more then Sportsgirl?...eek!).. oh if only money grew on trees... sigh


  5. Gorgeous outfit <3 Those ideas are good! Hopefully you come up with something good. :D xxxx

  6. That's okay! :) I used to be so confused about it all too. Swapping links is basically just putting a persons blog link on your page, to show others that read your blog, who you like to read. It's just like showcasing your favourite blogs or allowing other people who want to be "showcased" be on your list. Hopefully I didn't confuse you more :D haha xxxx

  7. how do you look so good in those pants?! i work at CR and always thought they sucked on everybody but you look super hot x

  8. haha, thanks honey - i absolutely LOVE these pants.
    feel free to use that as a selling point ;)