Sunday, April 18, 2010


blazer - Bardot
dress - Sportsgirl
boots - Sportsgirl
sunglasses - Vintage
dog - Marcus

I love multi tasking, walking the dog and outfit post in one.. ahh.
Another super-fantastic weekend has flown by, and today was no exception. got to steal away my little friend Marcus again for a stroll to the beach. with out being completely biased he is the best dog in the world.
super thanks to MDJPhotography for these snaps and cool edits, check out his blog for more photos.
'Under the Sea' photos coming soon!
hope everyone had a fantastic weekend xxx


  1. that dress looks so pretty on you, and Marcus is such a cutie ^^

  2. Woooooo puppy dawg!!! Love this outfit, the blazer and boots look is so on point. You look smashing. ♥

  3. Love love love your boots! Do you know if I can order them online somewhere?

    Love, Diana

  4. Thanks girlies for your comments xo

    Charlie - Marcus is the most beautiful dog in the world, he is my boyfriends dog and I love every minute I get to spend with him (I am totally biased too!)

    Thanks Mez, I am loving the blazer and boots at the moment, stupid in between weather, be hot or be cold already!

    Hi Diana - my boots are from sportsgirl.. - pretty sure you can buy them online still! happy shopping


  5. I loooove your blazer, weird question but what size is it? Thanks!