Thursday, June 17, 2010


I have such a love/hate relationship with online shopping - for instance, there is nothing better then shopping from the comfort of your own home, in your tracky-dacks whilst watching telly and sipping a warm cuppa, BUT then there's that whole not being able to avoid spending money drama.

Schmeh.. money is made to be spent, right? ;) Heres some recent purchases from ONElittlePIECE.

FREAKING LOVING LACE right now (sorry.. a little over-excited).. after purchasing two American Apparel lace basic dresses I am kind of poo-poo'd about not broadening my horizons and purchasing more 'creative' pieces. For example this dress that is now available for pre-order on ONElittlePIECE (or here on facebook), is AMAZING. I love the detailed sleeves AND its only $79.95! Hmm.. You can never have too much lace can you?....... PURCHASE!

I am also loving the Finders Keepers Range they are stocking.. this dress is an amazing winter staple and only $109.00........ PURCHASE!

Okay, I think I have done my dash for a friday afternoon, back to that cuppa and watching telly.. holidays are hard!


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