Tuesday, June 29, 2010


major props to MDJPhotography for the photos xo

After a recent trip to Melbourne for a weekend getaway I have decided to move there.

I wish.

I LOVE Melbourne, it really makes me realize how boring Adelaide is. The coffee shops, the outings, even the cold weather, love love love.

The funny thing is, I didn't actually do THAT much shopping there. We hit up a few vintage shops which I loved, but found Chapel St/Bourke St mall.. all the usual suspects, quite predictable. I guess thats what the Internet has done for us, everything is so much more accessible. Having said that strolling up and down Chapel is still a great day spent.

There were so many high-lights and its worrying that most of them are food related, from St Ali's South Melbourne (amazing coffee and breakfast) to Shop Five in Centre Place. Hairy Canary for AMAZING egg plant chips and pizza, and Cookie for superb Thai-Tapas.

My only regrets for the weekend were not getting more photos, but at the time thought we would relax and forget the duties of carrying cameras around the busy streets.

Outfit posts to come.

Love Love xxx


  1. It's so interesting hearing about the City I live in from an Outsiders perspective! St Ali is my morning local but I have never heard of Hairy Canary - Eggplant Chips sound divine. Must make a trip there soon.

  2. I could imagine it would be quite odd! Jealous St Ali is your local, simply AMAZING. Hairy Canary is on Little Collins, simply amazing! xxx

  3. just realized I said 'simply amazing' twice. Way too enthusiastic ;) xxx

  4. Eggplant chips! amazing! I always go to Lord of the Fries when I'm in Melbourne since I'm vegetarian and I think it's a genius idea.

  5. I'm from Adelaide too, I've been in this same predicament for about 5 years now... I think the end of this year will finally be the time to make the big move. Good luck!x