Wednesday, April 21, 2010


just a few purchases I would make if I won the lottery ;)
absolutely love mycatwalk - a site that will never cease to make me droool.


dress - witchery
shoes - zu
cloak - compliments of Harry Potter
nails - Sportsgirl 'Concrete Jungle' LOVE.

Who would of thought, I actually finished.. yay! well, for this degree anyway, one more year of my post-grad and I am done, done, done.
Had grad on Tuesday and whilst dressing up like Harry Potter is extremely fun, those cloaks are so hot and heavy and the silly man gave me a hat that was too big, plus the daunting thoughts of "I hope I don't trip on the stage". I guess thats the excitement of it all.
Thanks again to MDJPhotography for capturing this wondeful moment. I was a little disappointed that as a group we didn't get the opportunity to throw out mortar boards in to the air, so, I did it anyway.
I went with a 'timeless' Witchery dress that I picked up on sale about a year ago (wow..gone fast). I hadn't actually worn it yet but knew it would come in handy when I needed something simple, yet kind of elegant. I absolutely love these shoes too, as they give everything that little bit of edge.. they were a beautiful Christmas present, gosh I am lucky.
All-in-all, super fun day, and YAY I get to do it again.
Very happy Thursdays lovelies - why? because its the day before friday and then a LONG WEEKEND! bless the Anzacs xxx

Tuesday, April 20, 2010


These boots are now selling on ebay! don't miss out xxx
check them out on the link above.

selling these beautiful vintage boots as they don't fit me.. bah.
an amazing trend this season and SO hard to find.
They are marked size 8 1/2.
Pick them up for $90 + Postage.

Monday, April 19, 2010


As promised here are some piccies of our jelly fish! obviously not of me, but this gorgeous girl is way more photogenic (I hope you don't mind these being up here Snowey xo). Sorry about the quality of the last two, I was a little redundant about taking out my camera (please refer to a few posts back).. but you get the drift!
It was a fantastic night, but the most fun was actually putting the Jellies together. We bought umbrellas, streamers, and glow sticks all from 'Cheap as Chips', and made the costume for just $12 (bargain!). The little jellies even made it in to town with us after, but they are a little worse for wear now.

Happy Mondays xxx

p.s Vintage Cape still up for grabs... will resort to ebay soon, after this C R A Z Y week xo

Sunday, April 18, 2010


blazer - Bardot
dress - Sportsgirl
boots - Sportsgirl
sunglasses - Vintage
dog - Marcus

I love multi tasking, walking the dog and outfit post in one.. ahh.
Another super-fantastic weekend has flown by, and today was no exception. got to steal away my little friend Marcus again for a stroll to the beach. with out being completely biased he is the best dog in the world.
super thanks to MDJPhotography for these snaps and cool edits, check out his blog for more photos.
'Under the Sea' photos coming soon!
hope everyone had a fantastic weekend xxx

Thursday, April 15, 2010


thanks to the lovely ladies at Stylecaster I have been featured in their 'Most Stylish Members Article'. I am quite chuffed!
Stylecaster is the one-stop website for all your outfit advice, hottest trends and also offers a 'Daily Mirror' section which allows users to update their own personal outfit posts for feedback. It also runs on a points-basis with AMAZING rewards.
Check it out by clicking the links above.

Monday, April 12, 2010


Vintage Lace Top - $40
Vintage Bolero - $40

I have a few more items up for grabs.. I try not to resort to eBay as its SO time consuming and would prefer to be allocating my time to more fun things (like blogging ;) ), so thought I would throw them on here first.

Let me know if your interested xxx


Top - Sportsgirl
Pants - Country Road
Shoes - Tony Bianco
Clutch - Acoustic Stomach
Necklace - Diva

After an emotionally charged week I decided to treat myself to some new pant-a-loons (pants). As soon as I tried these on they had to be mine, comfort factor and coolness factor is 100+ ;) They are also SO easy to team with near everything, I found it hard to narrow one top down but in the end settled for a casual basic tee for the relaxed looked. Stay tuned though, I will, no doubt, be wearing these pants A LOT.
So another week ahead, I have tickets to Stereophonics for tomorrow night, cannot wait for that.. also have a dress up party this saturday. The theme is "Under the Sea" - any ideas friends? My girlfriend and I want a pretty versatile outfit so we can make the swift change to head to the city after (with out looking like sea merchants).. no doubt it will be a large evening, also have another birthday sunday, uh ohh.. going to be a boozey weekend.. but first, must get past the whole work-and-homework thing. bahh.
hope everyone had super weekends xxx

Wednesday, April 7, 2010


Absolutely LOVING the range Kym Ellery has done for Sportsgirl, the prints are a m a z i n g. I am thinking I need to purchase the tiger dress (pictured last), and potentially the leopard printed skirt too.. eeeek.
Check it all out on the Sportsgirl website.


Hey friends,
Just a reminder about my Facebook Page - I often put quick updates up there that sometimes don't get repeated here, just so you don't miss out ;)

love xxx

Tuesday, April 6, 2010


Grey Dress - Sportsgirl
Red Cardigan - Sportsgirl
Brogues - Mimi loves Jimi (General Pants Co.)

Autumn is finally here - I never thought I would say that. Its been 'mid-temperatures' for over a month and i am COMPLETELY over playing guessing games with the weather. We had our first down-fall of rain the other night, made it such a pleasant night for sleeping. Having said that its still not cold as such, just... weird.
I wore this outfit over the weekend but never got to post it, I LOVE my new red cardigan, I have never really been game to pull off red before (I think my skin is too red-based) but couldn't not wear this cute number. It has amazing embroidery on the front which I am a little upset didn't show up much in the photos (and its not like i can take more photos now, can i..grr), but its just divine. I am a little questionable about the gray dress, its a tad short, but plan to team it with leggings a lot over winter.
Ok, homework time.. no more procrastinating! Having a bit more of a quiet weekend this weekend, so plenty more posts to come.

Oh and...a big THANK YOU to that *SPECIAL* someone who has got on to my camera breakage S T R A I G H T away and ordered me a new part from overseas, I will only be a week without my camera thanks to him. big hugs xo

okay, I'm off!


My camera dropped today.. not. happy. Fingers crossed the body itself is ok, but by the looks of the missing plastic bits (pardon the specifics) the lens is not. I was actually trying to be good and get another outfit post done, I did get one, but now I am too angry to post it (I will eventually), and feel as if those pictures are tainted.. ha ha.
It has not been a good couple of days, not good, but not bad. Almost hit a dog crossing the road today, I didn't, but I could of.. hmpf.
Well it just hit 12pm, lets hope the day gets a little bit better from here on in, oh wait.. my afternoon is filled with studying for a quiz.. lose.
love love love xo

Monday, April 5, 2010


ok, so.. no excuse.. but I have NOT forgotten you guys.
With Easter, Uni, work, birthdays.. I have not had a day to myself.
Keep your eyes peeled next week for PLENTY of outfit posts (I have been going out a lot), purchases, E V E R Y T H I N G.
Hope you all had a super dooper Easter (I think I have put on about 30 kilos.. and haven't even started eating my easter eggs yet..eek). Mine was fantastic. Started with a girlfriends birthday dinner Thursday night - then kicked on for a friends DJ gig after. Then Good Friday was filled with food, half watched movies, sleep ins and all round laziness. Saturday hitting up the shops, and dancing Saturday night. Sunday working and then headed down the South Coast for a mini holiday Sunday night/Monday - A M A Z I N G.
STAY TUNED, and I'll see you Monday xo