Tuesday, June 29, 2010


Leather Jacket - Sportsgirl
Scarf - Country Road
Top - Vintage
Jeans - Witchery
Boots - Sportsgirl

picked this little number up from a vintage store in Melbourne, its going to get A LOT of wear.. also these jeans on sale at Witchery - LOVE a bargain xx
This Leather Jacket has been my greatest purchase so far this winter, I seriously wear it EVERY day! Good ol' trusty Sportsgirl ;)

love xo

p.s please excuse the messy room, its holiday time!


major props to MDJPhotography for the photos xo

After a recent trip to Melbourne for a weekend getaway I have decided to move there.

I wish.

I LOVE Melbourne, it really makes me realize how boring Adelaide is. The coffee shops, the outings, even the cold weather, love love love.

The funny thing is, I didn't actually do THAT much shopping there. We hit up a few vintage shops which I loved, but found Chapel St/Bourke St mall.. all the usual suspects, quite predictable. I guess thats what the Internet has done for us, everything is so much more accessible. Having said that strolling up and down Chapel is still a great day spent.

There were so many high-lights and its worrying that most of them are food related, from St Ali's South Melbourne (amazing coffee and breakfast) to Shop Five in Centre Place. Hairy Canary for AMAZING egg plant chips and pizza, and Cookie for superb Thai-Tapas.

My only regrets for the weekend were not getting more photos, but at the time thought we would relax and forget the duties of carrying cameras around the busy streets.

Outfit posts to come.

Love Love xxx

Sunday, June 20, 2010


Leather Jacket - Sportsgirl
Scarves - combination of Sportsgirl and Cotton on
Dress - Witchery
Boots - Sportsigrl

Goodbyes are never fun, well, not for us stuck in the daily grind.
Travel envy.
Oh, and I'll miss them too ;)
Photos compliments of MDJPhotography.. so much talent xo.

so long, farewell.

p.s totally scarfing it up.. the freezing weather is here!

Thursday, June 17, 2010


I have such a love/hate relationship with online shopping - for instance, there is nothing better then shopping from the comfort of your own home, in your tracky-dacks whilst watching telly and sipping a warm cuppa, BUT then there's that whole not being able to avoid spending money drama.

Schmeh.. money is made to be spent, right? ;) Heres some recent purchases from ONElittlePIECE.

FREAKING LOVING LACE right now (sorry.. a little over-excited).. after purchasing two American Apparel lace basic dresses I am kind of poo-poo'd about not broadening my horizons and purchasing more 'creative' pieces. For example this dress that is now available for pre-order on ONElittlePIECE (or here on facebook), is AMAZING. I love the detailed sleeves AND its only $79.95! Hmm.. You can never have too much lace can you?....... PURCHASE!

I am also loving the Finders Keepers Range they are stocking.. this dress is an amazing winter staple and only $109.00........ PURCHASE!

Okay, I think I have done my dash for a friday afternoon, back to that cuppa and watching telly.. holidays are hard!


Wednesday, June 16, 2010


1. Vintage Cardigan
2. Vintage Floral Dress
3. Vintage Sportscraft Blazer
4. Vintage Witchery Blazer
5. Vintage Bolero

Just a little plug for my current eBay auctions, don't miss out on this one.. 5 days only! and from starting prices of .99 cents for all items and blazer $1.99 - true bargains ;)
Let me know if you have any questions xxx


Photographer: Bon Duke
Model: Aline Schneider, One Management
Hair Stylist: Dominick Pucciarello, Mizu New York

Just a heads up lovely ladies, 'StyleCaster' has just set their VINTAGE TREND feature live.
All the photos were shot by the amazing BON DUKE throughout NYC (sigh).
If your surfing the web, don't forget to check it out!


love, love, LOVE this song at the moment

Tuesday, June 1, 2010


Top - Portmans
Skirt - MinkPink
Belt - Sportsgirl
Stockings - Sportsgirl
Shoes (the love of my life) - Sportsgirl
Lipstick (ol' cheapie) - Face of Australia

I have been completely anonymous for about seven weeks now, not just to the Blogging community, but my friends, family, work.. everything. My life has been filled with Lesson Plan, Legal Studies, Students, Teachers, Literacy Requirements... I can finally breathe again!

My only sanity the last couple of weeks has been my weekends, that have been COMPLETELY jam packed. Dinners, Birthdays, Fare-wells, Drinks, BBQs.. endless fun!

Did I mention I was on holidays?

So I have so much to catch up on, a few purchases, LOTS to sell and so many blogs to re-visit. Lucky its Winter!



Monday, May 24, 2010


Hey Friends,

SO SORRY for the disappearing act, truthfully, Uni and Prac have taken over my life.
Monday - Friday have consisted of work.. 7.00am-10.30 pm.. can anyone say NO LIFE?
Having said that, TWO WEEKS until I am on holidays for a whole seven weeks, and I promise, I wont let you down as I understand this no-post business, just is not cool.

Until then, love ya x

Wednesday, April 21, 2010


just a few purchases I would make if I won the lottery ;)
absolutely love mycatwalk - a site that will never cease to make me droool.


dress - witchery
shoes - zu
cloak - compliments of Harry Potter
nails - Sportsgirl 'Concrete Jungle' LOVE.

Who would of thought, I actually finished.. yay! well, for this degree anyway, one more year of my post-grad and I am done, done, done.
Had grad on Tuesday and whilst dressing up like Harry Potter is extremely fun, those cloaks are so hot and heavy and the silly man gave me a hat that was too big, plus the daunting thoughts of "I hope I don't trip on the stage". I guess thats the excitement of it all.
Thanks again to MDJPhotography for capturing this wondeful moment. I was a little disappointed that as a group we didn't get the opportunity to throw out mortar boards in to the air, so, I did it anyway.
I went with a 'timeless' Witchery dress that I picked up on sale about a year ago (wow..gone fast). I hadn't actually worn it yet but knew it would come in handy when I needed something simple, yet kind of elegant. I absolutely love these shoes too, as they give everything that little bit of edge.. they were a beautiful Christmas present, gosh I am lucky.
All-in-all, super fun day, and YAY I get to do it again.
Very happy Thursdays lovelies - why? because its the day before friday and then a LONG WEEKEND! bless the Anzacs xxx

Tuesday, April 20, 2010


These boots are now selling on ebay! don't miss out xxx
check them out on the link above.

selling these beautiful vintage boots as they don't fit me.. bah.
an amazing trend this season and SO hard to find.
They are marked size 8 1/2.
Pick them up for $90 + Postage.