Tuesday, February 23, 2010


striped dress - sportsgirl
anorak - vintage just jeans
beanie - sportsgirl
belt - op shop
bag - op shop
wrist junk - various
blazer - minkpink
boots - sportsgirl

ok, so perhaps i am getting a little ahead of myself with the anorak and beanie, and its hard to admit, but i am actually looking forward to winter! in saying that, i know come june/july i'll be longing for a warm summers day and a lazy afternoon spent at the beach. i guess whats got me excited this winter season is the array of amazing boots, coats, beanies.. ahh.. my poor little bank balance. I bought the basic stripe tube-dress the other day and got so excited with the abundance of stuff i could team it with. i thought for a lighter, going out look the blazer teamed up well. anywho ladys, happy looking.. and remember.. stylestalker dress still up for grabs xxx happy tuesday.. wait.. its wednesday?! yay for hump day! xxx

1 comment:

  1. love your mink pink babes :) YAY for bright blue blazers xxx Bel