Tuesday, February 2, 2010


how a m a z i n g is today? don't you love those days where everything seems like its just falling in to place, where boxes are getting ticked and moneys been made? just super. like one big giant pat on the back.
To top it off there were blueberry muffins circulating - with a STRONG latte could there be a better morning tea! I find that your normal 'supermarket bought' bakery goods are sometimes even as good as cafes or bakeries themselves. maybe its something to do with the need for consistency. I loved them so much I got someone to photograph them for me as I don't think my point-and-shoot camera could do them justice. I love this particular individuals camera, in fact, i need his camera. I think an SLR is going to be my next purchase - accompanied by a few others of course.
Weekend is fast approaching, and a busy one at that! have a good friends birthday soiree saturday, can't wait! what to wear? I have a few options in mind, but part of me wants something new..
Be sure to keep you updated!

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