Monday, March 15, 2010


1. 'Prison' $150
2. 'Chloe' $170
3. 'Bondage' $200
4. 'Bono' $200
5. 'Mafia' $220
6. 'Heel Boy' $150

All available at

Zu shoes you are KILLING me. I am on the hunt for some new heels and want ALL of these.. I wish. Think I'll definitely settle for the 'Chloe' - have been looking for a suede pair for ages, and maybe 'Mafia', sooo unsure.

So the weekend flew by once again, was definitely one of the best I have had this year, have quite the puffy eyes and bruises to show for it ;) Having a look through my diary I actually have something on every saturday night leading up to May, YAY! i love an event.

hope everyone had a great weekend, outfit posts a-coming xxx

1 comment:

  1. Wow, what great price points! I like the 'Chloe' the most, but I can picture myself getting them terribly dirty in the rain.