Tuesday, March 23, 2010


Top - 'Penny Anne' Label, vintage lace
Skirt - Vintage Thrifted
Blazer - Sportsgirl
Boots - Sportsgirl
Bag - Sportsgirl
Sunglasses - Vintage Ray Bans

out to dinner tonight with the work ladies, can't wait for BIG catch-ups! After my big clean-out wardrobe day, I think I have already picked my outfit. However, knowing me, it will change at last minute.

Been trying to eat really healthy the last month-or-so and have lost complete motivation in the last week (argh), especially today (double argh), and these girlfriend catch-up dinners are NOT helping. Oh well, at least I get to see my beautiful friends.

love love

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  1. sucha cute outfit, love the lace top :)

  2. That top makes the outfit unique, it provides another texture/pattern that doesn't mean the pattern on the skirt if lost in translation.

    Very well put together lady.

  3. Thanks lovelies, its a beautiful top isn't it. My friends found me quite 'daring' having not worn anything underneath it (its see-through) but meh, i just made sure I wore a nice bra ;) he he


  4. Love the top as well, I am obsessed with thrifted lace at the moment. You definitely pull it off sans modesty singlet, well done.

  5. what a gorgeous outfit, kudos to you for wearing a sheer lace top, i'd never have the balls to.

  6. Hey babes! Looking hot!
    LOOOVE Penny Anne..always.

    As for healthy eating...girls catch ups are death traps...I love it though. Ha my attempt of a no pizza month lasted a whole 3 days. Undeniable!


  7. Lovemore i LOVE Penny Anne also - would she hurry up and bring out her new range already? te he.. its going to be AHmazing.
    Argh my healthy eating is not going so well.. Easter killed me, not to mention the fact that I am eating 2 minute noodles right this second.. so nutritional ;) - Pizza is a killer for me too... have you tried it with Paul Newman's Ranch dressing... its a MUST do!